Anyone Still Here?


Ok, so I haven’t drifted off the face of the earth. Nor, in true Hangry fashion, have I eaten myself to an early grave (yet)!

I did feel the need to get back on here however because, as much as you might not have missed me; I’ve missed it.

Also, I did just see on the One Show the other day that the word ‘Hangry’ is now in the Oxford English Dictionary. So against all the odds, I’ve probably still got myself a shit-hot domain name!

That said, and with a family in tow preventing any social nights out to swanky new eateries or anywhere that doesn’t sell copious amounts of pizza and Bolognese, I’ve got sod all to write about.

Therefore, I wanted to let you in on a couple of highlights that I’ve discovered/been introduced to;


Tawa (or tava) being a sub-continent frying pan – but in the instance of the above restaurant in Dewsbury, also used to serve all manner of beautiful items to your table in spectacular fashion (see headline image of this post). Our dish was for six people and involved the chicken curry portion in the middle of the Tawa, surrounded by a host of rotis, naan’s, chips, lamb chops, chicken wings, kebab meat, seekh kebabs and tikka chicken from which to pick at. Really, really great food.


Tip one: Try the mango lassi to accompany your Tawa.

Tip two; Wear your elasticated waistband joggers. I wont judge!

If Dewsbury is too far to travel, there is also a very good Tawa restaurant in Sheffield on London Road (Mirpuri Tawa, Sheffield)


Not exactly a well kept secret this one as it has been winning awards for a good couple of years now, but they do an epic grilled cheese sandwich and the best Mocha that I have ever tasted. Honestly, it is a dessert, a pick me up and a warm hug all rolled into one.

Set back from Division Street, in Aberdeen Court, it occupies the back end of the court and most of the yard, for good weather days. The décor inside is definitely very retro if a little hipstery for this old dinosaur. That said, I’m not deluded enough to think I’m in their primary demographic either.

I don’t get up that way as often as I would like to try everything, but their array of donuts/cronuts/shownuts (however they want to market them) look very good too.

Tip one: Mocha. Mocha. Mocha


I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot in terms of cuisine from our holiday in Majorca back in April. Probably due in part to my own lack of research before arriving and exacerbated by our arrival on the wettest fucking day of the year on Easter Sunday where, sodden and hungry, we worked out very quickly, a lot of places were closed!

Mrs Hangry came up trumps with her research on Amore Mio however, which, was conveniently only a stones throw away from where we were staying. Marketing itself as, and looking incredibly like, a pizzeria – it is much more than that in a lot of ways. Amuse Bouche’s were served, wonderful Italian red wine was devoured and food included a huge anti-pasti starter, lobster spaghetti and fui de mare. Kids also ate well with Bolognese (see, I told you!) and chicken and cheese pizza.

For a family of 5 (including wine – for the adults obvs) all for approx. 90 euros.

IMG_0377               IMG_0376 (1)                  IMG_0378


Tip one: An evening visit brings a lot more ambience

Tip two: Don’t let your two year old near the amuse bouche, if you want any chance of trying it for yourself!


Or, more specifically, Agios Nikolaos.

This was the second time we have been to Crete, the first being when we stayed roughly half way between Stalida and Malia – neither of which we were particularly enamoured by. Luckily, we took a day trip to Agios during that holiday which really perked our interest enough to book a full two weeks there during our next visit.

Agios is unlike the aforementioned towns in that it is accessible without being touristy, a wonderful cosmopolitan European vibe (sorry Brexiteers!) without being unfriendly and a host of wonderful scenery and beaches to boot.

Where to eat; Portes – Traditional Cretan food with a slightly more elegant twist. Situated near the Marina. Usually very busy so recommend booking in advance.

Tip One: Lake Voulismeni is the tourist trap and is by all means worth a visit, but don’t fall for the inflated prices of cafes/restaurants surrounding it.

Tip Two: If it is scenic views you require, try the marina with the mountainous backdrop and more reasonable café pricing

Tip Three: Beaches for all occasions; Almyros for families, Voulisma for surfers/energetic types and Amoudi for the in crowd (think beach bar/sushi bar/padded sun loungers and table service)

Will leave you for now with another reason to visit Crete…

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