REVIEW – Thai Garden Cafe, Manvers


It’s been an odd couple of months. Our family break in Salou has, upon our return, been followed by a house under constant construction (garden, conservatory, kitchen…garden again – don’t ask!) and an employment bolt out of the blue where I was told thanks but no thanks, don’t bother coming back in on Monday. All of this on top of the fact Mrs Hangry is 6 months into her maternity leave with possibly the happiest baby I’ve ever known.

And why do I tell you all of this? Well, what does a foodie do for lunch with no kitchen to use and an ever dwindling amount of funds at your disposal. He bloody roles his sleeves up and finds the best bloody lunch deal out there. The answer we found was at the Thai Garden Cafe. A bit of an institution already in the Wath-upon-Dearne area despite the relative infancy of the Manvers estate and with lunch dishes from as little as £4.35 inclusive of a soft drink, the choice seemed obvious.

Now, I should point out that there are cheaper options within the same location…at the likes of Greggs and Subway if you must, but for the purposes of this Hangry foodie, the blog and finding quality food at exceptional value, major chains were not an option.

Come back next week when unemployment kicks in and I review the steak bake and a hot drink deal though!

But now to Thai Garden Cafe. An unassuming space with a small number of covers and somewhat stereotypical wooden place mats belies the riches that lie in the food. A Thai red curry is full of rich coconut milk and crunchy fresh green peppers, all followed with a warming hit of chilli which flows over each mouthfuls ending. A Thai green curry too is equally good; the coconut milk and fresh vegetables still in evidence but with a lemongrass undertone to compliment the chilli heat brilliantly. Both meals are served with jasmine rice and with your choice of soft drink. Both red and green curries also come in at the lower end of the lunch deals at £4.35 each, which considering the standard of food on offer, is pretty astonishing.

With our current situation, I’ll be looking for more value lunches around an about the local area (and hopefully the lack of employment can only lead to more blogging – oh no, i hear you cry!) but I get the impression that we’ll be hard pressed to beat the value and more importantly the food on offer at Thai Garden Cafe.

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