Brave, Stupid or Revolutionary – A Foreign Holiday with a 3 Week Old Baby


Ok, I’ll admit, going on holiday to Cyprus with a three week old sounds more than a little bit mental. If the rigmarole of getting an emergency appointment at the council office to register the birth (yes…i did just mention emergency and Rotherham council in a positive sense, who knew?), then trying to take a passport photograph of a new born, then another emergency appointment and a drive along the M62 all the way to Liverpool for a passport within a two week period was to be believed, then the mental nature of our feat was maybe only affirmed.

That is even before we get into the fact that Henry had to arrive early for us to be able to go on the holiday as a family in the first instance, and if that was the case…it needed to be a natural birth so that Mrs Hangry could have a chance of getting on that plane too. A little more than squeaky bum time.

After the initial whirlwind of altered paperwork however and with a baby who go could fall asleep at a Megadeth concert, we were well on the way toward that afternoon beer in the sun!

It must be said, we would never even have contemplated taking a three week old on holiday if it was our first child, and that was even before the overbearing tiredness, sleepless nights and overriding anxiety that comes with a first born. This third one however: a different story. They’re not wrong when they say it gets easier as each one goes along, but boy does this one like his sleep.

The plane journey was only testament to that. I’m not sure if he stirred during the take-off or the landing – we did have a bit of a wriggle in the middle for a bottle of milk, but was a trivial issue. I had more trouble with the other two dropping food everywhere and anywhere they could!

In Cyprus, I’d also like to say we chose wisely with our hotel, and although this is true, we went to the same place we have visited for the last 4 years (see review here – King Jason Paphos). If the King Jason is one thing above all else, it is accommodating. And with a spacious, ground floor, one bedroom apartment with a simple kitchenette at our disposal, it was all we could have wanted for a new born – fridge for milk, microwave for the steriliser (even if we had to ship it over ourselves) and not forgetting the cot bed in the bedroom and camp bed + sofa bed for the other two rascals in the main apartment.

Plenty of extremely comfortable sunbeds also surround the main pool area where we tend to park our bottoms throughout the morning, all with ample sunbeds for shade. Extremely important for the little one, it meant he could relax on the sunbed without any fear from us of any sun related incidents – whilst the other two enjoyed the warmth of the children’s pool.

Whilst we were there, we got so many comments from guests about Henry’s age and about how brave we were, but in reality, apart from the fact that we may not have done as much together as a whole family as we may have done otherwise, everything was very very easy. While i took the older two to explore the catacombs down towards the harbour, Henry would have a cuddle with his mum. On other mornings, I’d take Henry out for a walk in the pram while the kids and mum enjoyed a milkshake and a splash in the indoor pool.

None of which, was ever stressful…which when you think about how it could have been and everything that had to happen to get there in the first place, it’s pretty bloody amazing! And we had confirmation that we now have the youngest guest that has ever visited the King Jason Hotel Paphos!

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