Day 5: Reduced Aisle Week

So, first of all, apologies for the lack of blogging over the last week. The last day of reduced aisle food was followed up by the first day of our family holiday in Dorset and 4G doesn’t seem to have found its way to the whole of Weymouth as yet.

As it turned out, Day 5 (the final day of my reduced aisle week – I understand I may be taking liberties with the word ‘week’ but considering the holiday, I’m clutching to a ‘5 day working week’ instead) was generally uneventful. A huge Day 4 haul from Sainsburys had pretty much guaranteed a safe passage through the final days events.

The butchers sausages claimed from the elderly despot the previous day proved a more than adequate breakfast. Equally, The Smoky BBQ Salad, a snip at 79p, was a welcome lunch, especially considering how busy my working day is becoming these days.

So much so in fact, that missing dinner through a game of holiday suitcase jenga in the back of the car didn’t even bother this usually very hangry man. It helps when you have become a master of the ancient holiday jenga art; the trick is to enjoy the challenge sensei!

I digress slightly. What transpired through my lack of evening meal was that my week long reduced aisle food vigil ended with more than a little whimper. Quite apt for the majority of my experience throughout the week. What started out as a whimsical idea about the merits and possibilities of reduced aisle food, left me hungry at various stages throughout the week and craving a takeaway.

In short, you can live on reduced aisle food – but you probably wouldn’t want to. For someone with a young family and a somewhat demanding job, the last thing you want to do is search around various supermarkets looking for something for dinner, as well as next days breakfast. It’s time consuming.

As far as supermarkets go…there is definitely a prime time for reduced aisle food. It probably comes as no surprise that the bargains get further reduced and more plentiful as the day draws on. However, further reductions usually brings the vultures with it. In terms of different supermarket chains, from my week long experience, Sainsburys definitely has some of the best value bargains, healthiest and best mealtime options. Co-op also has some good all day options and at least their reduced aisle is all in one place…perfect for a quick in and out purchase.

Conclusion being, bargains are to be had…but don’t live your life by it. Go do something else more worthwhile, except play Pokemon Go!

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