Day 4: Reduced Aisle Week


At last! I manged to visit the supermarket when the bargains were at their most plentiful. Taking a few suggestions into account (thank you kind people), I headed for Sainsburys after work at the apparent witching hour of reduced food (between 6.30pm – 7.30pm). It proved to be a very fruitful trip.

What nobody mentioned when the suggestions came in was that I should look out for any rivals in the reduced aisle mayhem. Those rivals, or in my case, singular rival manifested themselves in the form of an elderly woman on the hunt for bargains. You know the type, the saintly – ‘Oh, excuse me dear’ and ‘Aren’t you tall!’ octogenarian who, as soon as your back is turned, has a basket full of reduced sausages quicker than you can say zimmer frame!

But Day 4 didn’t start off so well however. A distinct lack of breakfast options left me without any food! And let me tell you, a diet of water and air does not make for a happy Hangry Man. Nor does watching the sandwich van slipping out of the car park with all its pleasant pastry goods! Lunch was welcome as a result and as yesterday, it was more soup of the chicken and vegetable variety £1.19 (normally £2.25) – my varied diet playing second fiddle to the desire not to starve!

So, then came the trip to Sainsburys…


I can’t actually remember everything that I bought! For evening meal at least, I bought some prawn mousse, smoked salmon and dill filled shells for £2.99 (normally £4.00) – not the greatest discount but oh so good when you’ve hardly had anything to eat all day. Followed by smoked salmon fillets for £2.69 (normally £4.25) and fresh samphire for 45p (normally £1.35). Combined with cupboard Smash and a butter sauce and Mrs Hangry and I had the most satisfying meal of the week so for. Not only that, but I also purchased a treacle tart for 45p (normally £2.20) and we were further satisfied.

Other goodies included Higgidy pies, Thai green curry ready meals (perfect for lunches), Tagliatelle carbonara and fresh sausages – which I had to steal away from my elderly rival. I did have me eyes on a lamb neck filet that the butcher was just bringing out but she was just too quick for me. It’s amazing how quickly these ladies can still move when the bargains are imminent.

On that note, I’d better go and get myself limbered up for my next reduced aisle battle. They’ll be more about my Sainsburys haul tomorrow, I’m sure.

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