Day 3: Reduced Aisle Food Week

So, I’m going to be honest, I was expecting to find a little more from this week. An epiphany on the merits of almost out of date food perhaps? Or maybe just a bumper week of healthy bargains? What has transpired is that during a busier than expected working week, the last thing I’ve wanted to do is play hunt the bargain at 8pm at night.

It all started off a lot better this morning – a granola and yoghurt combo for 60p (normally £1.35) a welcome change to the endless availability of nearly perished bread that is usually on offer. Bought from the Spar at a service station which also incorporated a Greggs and a Subway, the purchase elevates to almost saintly status in my own eyes with other such breakfast riches on offer.

Also on the way to work, I managed to bag myself a lunchtime bargain. A chicken and vegetable soup from the Co-op for £1.19 (normally £2.69). A very tasty bowl of soup, if not exactly appropriate for these warmer summer days.

Then comes the downside of all this reduced aisle malarkey. A busy afternoon leading to a 12hr workday, and an overriding thought of not wanting to do this anymore. What am I gaining from this? The answer is, at the moment, probably not a lot…but a 30 minute commute home stirred my persistence for the project, even if I was only able to buy another Chicken & Pancetta Carbonara from M&S for £1.50 (normally £3.50). Variety is the spice of life eh!

Onwards and upwards for tomorrow – I’m going to try and branch out on the reduced aisle food and try and stay clear of the bread and the ready meals – it’s bloody difficult though, especially for such a unprepared and unorganized fop such as myself.

Lastly, I apologise for the lack of terrible images of half gone off food today, the upload says no unfortunately.

Daily Spend – £3.29

Normal Price – £7.55

Saving – £4.26



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