Day 2: Reduced Aisle Food Week

As much as Day 1 started with a camping hangover full of ill preparation, Day 2 brought me back down to earth with a distinct thump of reality. An early morning wake-up call from my little girl with her effervescent morning demeanour was followed by a work morning full of e-mails, urgency and testing situations.

Back to the grind as they say!

With all this happening, I was glad I had picked up a breakfast on my M&S visit yesterday. Not my usual breakfast fare, but toasted bagels with butter for a grand old price of 55p (saving £1.45 on full price) on a busy morning are not to be sniffed at.


Likewise, lunchtime was snaffled on my visit to the Co-op yesterday evening. I learned my lessons from yesterday however and made sure I bought two sandwiches to ensure my, shall we say bulky, frame was kept under control calorie wise. A bargain basement tuna sandwich for 29p (normally £1.20) and hoisin duck wrap at £1.69 (normally £2.80) were today’s weapon of choice – standard lunchtime fair and very uninspiring if we’re honest. All of which made resisting the work based sweets all the harder.








With a Spooky Scooby Doo Lego castle to build at home with my son this evening, I didn’t really want to spend a mammoth amount of time choosing an evening meal. As such, an M&S ready meal was all that was on offer. Chicken & Pancetta carbonara at £1.50 (normally £3.50) was definitely on the unhealthier side of the reduced aisle but after a day that mainly consisted of bread based products – I was desperate for some indulgence.


My organisation yesterday had meant no more purchases were required today. However, a lack of options for breakfast has put me on the back foot tomorrow. Over the past two days, it has become evident that breakfast type options (cereal, yoghurt, pastries) aren’t always available and if you don’t drop on the reduced aisle at the correct time, then you may be going hungry. Never has a Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin sounded so good.

I also bloody well hope those sweets have gone from the office too!

Daily Spend – £4.03

Normal Price – £8.95

Saving – £4.92

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