COMMENT: Is it possible to live solely on reduced aisle food for a week?

Everyone loves a bargain. Bargains are the reason I get hauled, kicking and screaming, around car-boot sales at god-awful hours of the morning each weekend. Bargains are the reason I am hangry after spending longer than is humanly possible in a single charity shop and missing lunch by a couple of hours. Bargains are also the reason that, when I have to visit the supermarket on my own, I am drawn to the reduced aisle.

We all know the aisle; where the use by date of the goods is borderline or the aesthetics of the outer packaging are questionable. Usually, the reduced riches are held in one single aisle (although this now varies from supermarket to supermarket) and there is very little segregation of foodstuffs when you arrive there (especially if you’re not one of the first visitors!). However, this aisle not only suits my bargain hunter needs but also suits my shopping style – walk in, find required aisle, swift arm sweep of goods into trolley, pay & leave.

It was whilst I was stood in this very aisle, contemplating the purchase of a 29p chicken & bacon sandwich that I had an idea; would it be possible to live solely off reduced aisle food for a whole week? Yoghurt, orange juice, sandwiches, vegetables, drinks, paella, water – I’ve seen them all in the aisle at one point or another, but is it practical to try and live off? Then the idea expanded somewhat; would it be possible to eat healthily whilst eating this food? How much money could be saved doing so? And where and when are the best deals to be had?

So I hatched a cunning plan to try and establish the following;

  • Can you lively solely on reduced aisle food for a week?
  • How much will it save on a weekly shop?
  • Is it practical?
  • Can it be healthy?
  • Which supermarkets/time of day has the best value?

For a week, commencing on 25th July 2016, I will attempt to eat only reduced aisle food in an attempt to answer all of the above. My penchant for good food tells me that I may find it difficult but the goods that are available at reduced prices should be more than enough to sustain. I will blog every evening on my website regarding that days events and try to make them as honest and side-splittingly funny as possible (my limited wit allowing). Alternatively please give me a follow on twitter where I will try and keep the updates coming throughout the day.

For those of you worried about my wellbeing (Hello Mum!), I’ve allowed myself tap-water to drink throughout the day if nothing else is forthcoming from the supermarket. As committed to my art as I am – I’m not ready to die just yet!

Thanks for reading!

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